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Unlock your potential help us solve the world’s problems


We are always in search for exemplary talents and characters. Work with us to solve world’s problems. We will help you understand your own talents and ensure that you are posted in a position where you can contribute the most.


We do not discriminate based on anything other than capabilities/talents, characters, and values.


Join us as an experienced professional and let’s grow together.

Our Way of Life

Bringing your fresh perspectives and insights to KapGruppe, you thrive when working with others in a high-performing environment. What you achieve will be as important as the process to achieve it; we are looking for individuals who are aligned with our values.

Our Talent Framework

Our talent framework incorporates development programmes and progression opportunities for our staff to gain Experience, Exposure, Education and Enrichment.  These include job rotations across teams and/or divisions.

Our Remuneration Philosophy

We anchor our compensation framework on our strong ownership ethos. This puts the institution above the individual, emphasises long term over short term, and aligns employee and shareholder interests over economic cycles.  This fosters a high performing and responsible culture.


We offer enriching career opportunities for talents of diverse skillsets, backgrounds and cultures. If you are just starting your career, and want to be part of a team with purpose and passion – join the KapGruppe group of companies.  Let us help you make a difference to your personal development and to the community at large.

Your Journey

To help start your journey with KapGruppe on a firm footing, we offer many formal and social opportunities for you to get to know your colleagues and senior management. A structured Orientation session introduces you to the company and our values. All new colleagues are assigned a buddy and/or a mentor to help you navigate the organisation.

Your Learning

To kick-start your career with us as a new Associate, you will undergo an intensive training programme which provides you with a strong foundation of critical skills. Training includes technical modules such as programming, business models, industry knowledge, as well as soft skills like presentation, negotiation, sales, and problem-solving.

Your Development

You will gain a wealth of Experience, Exposure, Education and Enrichment as you start your career with us.  Our talent development framework encourages talent mobility across the firm, through internal job rotations and/or firm wide projects. We provide comprehensive course sponsorship opportunities. A personal feedback mechanism gives you timely feedback on your growth and progression.


We offer enriching internship programmes for students from various disciplines, backgrounds and cultures.

During your 10 to 12-week stint with us, you will learn about your own talents and how you can develop yourselves further.

Come discover why we are so proud of and committed to our problem-solving culture and can-do mind-set.


If you are interested in working for us, feel free to send us your resume using form below.

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