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A life must worth living.


In the kingdom of milk and honey, where everyone was prosperous and life was easy, a disaster struck and each and every one in that land was suffering from a strange fatal illness. The lives of all people and the sustainability of kingdom were at stake. All of the learned doctors and shamans and sages had been summoned and all had attempted to cure the strange illness yet they failed.

One day, a traveller happened to pass the kingdom and went to see the king to share with him a suggestion on how to cure the illness that was striking the prosperous kingdom. “Create a large pot and ask each and every person in this kingdom to bring a spoonful of honey and put it in the pot. Afterwards, stir it, and have each and every one to drink a spoonful of honey from the mixture. It will surely cure everyone.”

The king couldn’t believe that a cure of a fatal illness could be that simple but he had no option other than to try it. So a large pot was prepared and everyone was instructed to bring a spoonful of honey to put into the pot. Once the solution was stirred, everyone drank from it, but it didn’t cure them. People still died from the illness and the traveller was punished for having made a fool of the king and wasted everyone’s time and energy.

The traveller’s last word before he faced his punishment was, “Investigate!”

The king then decided to do just that. He went undercover and travelled around his kingdom to finally talk to his people. His people said, “Oh yeah! We went to put something into the pot, alright, but it wasn’t a spoonful of honey, I only brought water. Because honey is precious, water is free and I didn’t know if it would work. If it didn’t work, I would’ve wasted the precious honey.” And alas, everyone in the kingdom said the same. So, there was never a drop of honey in the pot. It was just pure water because no one bothered to contribute, even when their lives depended on their contribution.  

The king understood that the kingdom would perish and it was inevitable. As he walked back to his palace, he could feel that his illness along with his despair was getting hold of him. When he reached the front gate of his palace, he fell to the ground, never to wake again.

(First heard in 1981 at a scout camping ground)


“The one way that surely will help solve all of the problems is through developing more problem solvers.”

KAP President, 2020.

Education Foundation

Initially established to develop the right characters of future generations, our education foundation has evolved to help providing access to education for target marginalized people.


Our reason to contribute to sustainability is not only about creating a better environment for future generations. It is about improving the environment today to make environment more liveable for the living, and in the process, we can feel liberated and fulfilled knowing that we have done what’s right.


It is a fact that the temperature has increased across the globe. In many parts of the world, the rise in temperature has created less liveable environment, or at the very least, has made living less pleasant.


We incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into our investment decision-making and management.

Our three focus passions are:

  • Reducing consumption in all types and forms
  • Planting more problem solvers: creating more greens
  • Committing to move toward carbon-neutral in our operations by 2050.


  • We understand the importance of climate-related financial information in ascertaining the risks associated with climate change to our businesses.
  • We believe that climate-related risks and opportunities can be material for businesses, and we always asses climate-related risks in each and every actions.
  • We are committed to delivering sustainable value over the long term and continuously work to enhance our practices in our portfolio companies.
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